Acceptable Plants


The growing season at the Hamnett Place Community Garden is March 1 to November 15. Anything that is left in the beds after that day will be cleared. Please consider this before planting perennial crops such as: strawberries, asparagus, horseradish, Jerusalem artichoke, and Rhubarb. In the future, we may offer multi-year plot rental for individuals who wish to grow perennials or a dedicated perennial bed depending on demand.

Illegal or Controlled Plants:

No illegal or controlled plants such as: tobacco, bread seed poppy[papaver somniferum] are permitted on the site.

Rhizomatic or Invasive Plants:

These plants are difficult to eradicate once they have been introduced to an area, which may pose problems for subsequent gardeners. These include but are not limited to: anything that is on the Pennsylvania invasive plants list (, Morning Glory, Bamboo, Mint, Lemon Balm, and Catnip. If you are unsure about whether a plant is rhizomatous, please consult a Garden Mentor before planting.

Problematic Plants:

Please always consider how your planting may impact adjacent gardeners. For example, growing tall plants such as sunflower or corn may block sunlight for adjacent beds. Your growing area is limited to 3’x12’; therefore vining plants must be kept within the confines of your bed. We recommend planting bush varieties of squash and melons. Certain plants are known to have disease or pest problems that can pose long-term threats to the garden. The Garden Mentors will ensure that you have the proper information on how to minimize the impact of these plants. Some plants are simply not appropriate for the type of growing space that is available. Such plants include: trees, bushes, roses, and cacti.