Garden Rules


Garden membership is from March 1 through the second weekend of November.

All beds must be cleared by no later than the second weekend of November. Anything not removed from the bed will be removed during the final work day of the season.

Overwintering of crops is not permitted except for winter rye, the cover crop used by HPCG.

Plots shall be considered as vacant at the end of each season. Beds are assigned on an annual basis and you are not guaranteed the same bed from year to year. Plots are not transferable. Any crops not removed at the end of the season will be lost the following season when plots are reassigned.

Plots may be accessed from dawn until dusk seven days a week.

Annual membership dues are $40 per plot and a signed agreement is required.

From March 1- May 1 75% of the beds shall be designated for Wilkinsburg residents, and 25% for non-community residents. After May 1 any unclaimed beds will be made available. After May 1, any unclaimed bed is available for lease. Requests for a second plot will be taken into consideration after May 1. A written request must be submitted to the membership coordinator. Submission of a written request does not guarantee that you will receive a second plot.

Garden members are required to attend at least three (3) scheduled work days during the growing season as a condition of membership. Failure to attend at least three (3) scheduled work days in a growing season means that you will not qualify for a plot the following season.

Garden members are encouraged to participate in additional volunteer hours in order to keep the garden maintained between scheduled work days. Please log your volunteer hours.

Plots left unattended for 30 days or more will be reassigned to the community. Please use Google Groups for communicating the need for help if you are unable to tend your plot (travel, sickness, etc.).

Dogs and other pets are not permitted in the garden area and must be leashed in other areas. Please clean up after your dogs!

No smoking is allowed anywhere on the lot. Smoking on the lot could result in blighted plants.

Children are welcome in the garden. Those under the age of 12 must be supervised.

Not all the plants in the garden are edible, some are poisonous. Please supervise children, and do not eat anything growing there until you are certain that it is safe.

Any criminal activity should be reported as quickly as possible to a garden coordinator and to the Wilkinsburg police department. For emergencies call 911.

Site Maintenance

Keep tool shed locked and clean and return all tools when you have finished using them.

Please refer to the HPCG Plant Guidelines Document which governs what can and can’t be planted in the garden.

Harvest only from your assigned plot or the community plot unless you have permission to do so from other members. Pick your fruit as it matures.

Conserve water and use rain barrels as a water source. Please notify a garden coordinator if the rain barrels are empty or low and need to be refilled. The best time to water is early morning or evening.

Put all plant clippings and organic waste in designated compost areas only. Do not place weeds in compost bins. They may be bagged up or placed behind the bins. Take home trash or recyclable materials that cannot be composted or discard in designated trash or recycling barrels.

Our community garden is organic, which means that the use of non-organic herbicides and pesticides and chemical fertilizers is not allowed. Please check bulletin board for pest control information and other updates. Read and follow directions on labels.

Each gardener is responsible for clearing the aisles around their plots. Do not obstruct aisles.

Contact Information

 If you have any questions, suggestions, or complaints, please contact a site coordinator:

Please visit the garden website at Hamnett Place Community Garden for news and info! Ask a coordinator about becoming a contributor to the garden blog.